Winter is finaly here big time!!!

Note: considering that I live in Holland, then yes this is exceptional winter weather that did not happen for well over two decades! An extremely high air pressure system above the whole of Scandinavia is pretty unique believe me! And I do know that this weather is pretty normal in many countries around the world, but not where we live! And we applaud this weather because we are an ice skating nation! There is even hopeful talk that the world-famous 11-city tour a 220 kilometres long nature ice skating tour finally can be staged again after more than 2 decades! So yes this is extreme weather for us here!

Yesterday’s weather forecast of at least a week-long snow and very cold weather was not wrong for a change and I have today’s picture to prove it! I woke up this morning to discover a magical snow-covered garden that I would love to share with you all!

Below: under need, this thick layer of snow more than 20 shohin pre-Bonsai Itoigawa Junipers are hidden!

Below: For some of the bigger Bonsai in my collection, there was no more room underneath my backyard shelter! But I am sure they don’t mind at all!

Below: My big Larch named the Elephant looks like a real scene you could see in nature.

Below: My big old Chamaecyparis obtusa nana gracilis mother plant looks beautiful!

Below: But her backside looks even more stunning!

Below: A magical top view of my big multiple-trunk beech raft.

I hope you enjoyed these with my cell phone-made pictures as much as I loved to make them for you all…it was magical in my little city garden today!

Cheers, and stay safe everybody!

Hans van Meer.

4 thoughts on “Winter is finaly here big time!!!”

    1. Hi Mark! No, I ques not compared with the weather in a lot of other countries! But that makes it amazing for me when it those happens!


    1. Hi Tim! Just fine thank you! And like all other years, it is funny to see that the bottom cascading branch new growth is slower than the branches above it! I spend this day in the sun while cutting away its wire. Needless to say that it was a good day! 🙂


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