Wound treatment technique… sometimes it those work!!!

The main reason in my opinion why the large wound treatment that I now and then use is not so popular is that it has just a very small percentage of success and that is perfectly understandable! But remember that it is used in situations where otherwise large branches or roots would have been completely cut off leaving large wounds on our Bonsai, that in most cases never heal leaving ugly large scars…so what is there to lose?! And if those work…well then there is everything to gain! But judge for yourself!

This little Hawthorn was collected by me during a collecting trip in Wales way back in ’98 or ’99 with Tony Tickle and Terry Foster. During collecting this beauty, I had to cut through a massive root to be able to collect it!

Below: Just a few years later during its first repotting, I saw that lots of tinny new roots were growing from everywhere including the sides of that thick and massive root so I decided to shorten it even further to stimulate new roots to grow even closer to the trunk!

And another few years later when enough healthy side roots were growing from closer to the trunkline that still massive root was shortened even more and with my Dremel I carved coming in from the cut side a wedge shape out off over the length of that root making sure not to wound the bark! And then I carefully folded the saved bark back over the V-shaped wood and secured them in place with some pines. Cracked bark on the newly created (now) two roots were protected with Cutpaste. I figured out that nothing was lost trying this and if it would not work…well then I could always cut it off and live with another large wound on such a small tree?!

Below: Skip over to November 2012 and this is how those now 2 roots look! The bark has already aged a lot and is growing in almost all places needly around the created root shape!

Below: And then skip forward some 8 years to see how those roots look today! Still alive and looking pretty convincing in my humble opinion! Only the right one has a tinny strip of deadwood on the inside..but that makes it only more convincing and in style with the image of this battered old Lil tree! And be honest, this looks so much better than another gaping big scare on such a little tree?! So when possible give it a try…you never know?! And you can always cut it off later!
Cheers and stay safe,
Hans van Meer.

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