Wiring my big Larch ‘The Elephant’.

Below: The last couple of days were cold but with some sunny weather so I made some good use of this opportunity to rewire and reposition the branches on my Big Larch! So dressed warmly and with plenty of strong hot coffee, it took me off and on some 2 days!

Below: I have to admit that I am a bit proud of the ramification of this Bonsai! It has nice tapering and hardly any cut scares. The way how a Larch grows and profoundly back buds make this possible and make them such ideal material for Bonsai!

Below: It is not the most flattering of pictures, but I do hope that it shows just how mature the foliage and Bonsai look by now! I can’t wait to see how it will look in a few months with its new fresh green foliage and I so hope to be able to show it in a big Bonsai show this Sumner…but that is for later I hope?!

Hans van Meer.

2 thoughts on “Wiring my big Larch ‘The Elephant’.”

  1. That elephants trunk is incredible! True art!

    How long does it take someone like you to completely wire such a bonsai?

    Big fan of your work and keep doing what you do!

    Greets, Jules


    1. Thanks for that compliment Jules! I am glad you like it! Normally a full day…but this year I spread it out over 2 days. It was cold and my back started to hurt!
      Hans van Meer.


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