Pictures of Wolfie the Mugo pine and a giant Prunus mahaleb in full bloom.

Hi, everybody,

I would like to show you some new pictures of Wolfie the Mugo pine and the other one of my Prunus mahaleb Yamadori.

I just made this picture of Wolfie, it was the first real dry day with some weak sun every now and then! The last week was colder than it was last Christmas! We even had snow! Wolfie’s buds are swelling nonetheless and he looks like he suffered no ill effects from the repotting that I did earlier! I planted some moss around him and that looks immediately a lot better! I am glad that I found a solution for the rotted root, it would be such a shame if Wolfie could not be shown after all the work it was to get it this far! I hope you like how it looks?!

29-4-2016 Wolfie+Prunus 024 hans van meer 500

This giant Prunus mahaleb is another one that my dear fare away friends and I collected in 2012. It is doing amazing like the other 3 and it has a lot of sweet-smelling flowers! This massive tree has an enormous root base and is top to bottom covered with beautiful old dead wood! All of the branches that I need for my design are new and are coming along nicely! They have been rewired last Fall.

29-4-2016 Wolfie+Prunus 024 hans van meer virtual 500

I made this virtual to show you the twist that I have planned for later next month! The red part will be the (mine) future tree! It has a killer base, natural jin, beautiful movement and stunning deadwood from top to bottom! And here comes the surprise…the yellow part will be separated by air layering it, only leaving the red stomp that will be turned into a jin that will match all the deadwood! This yellow section that is also covered with amazing deadwood and movement is already promised to my dear friend Tony Tickle, who can’t wait to get this beautiful future mahaleb Bonsai! I hope the air layering will work so that one tree can become two trees?! I will keep you posted when I have done the air layering and the separation…fingers are crossed that it will work?! I hope you like this post and see you hopefully at the next one?!


Hans van Meer.



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