Restyling “Wolfie” The Mugo Pine.

Hi, everybody,

the last 2 days were lovely warm and sunny, so what could be better than to restyle one of my personal favourites…”Wolfie” the Mugo pine from Austria. This Little tree with just 10 years of work under its belt has like most of my trees a nice story to tell, so is the name “Wolfie” given to this tree in honor of my friend Wolfgang Putz from Austria who so generously swapped it with me for a yamadori Taxus that I had brought along with me when I visited his amazing garden together with Tony Tickle! I was over the moon with this very healthy little gem and I hope that Wolfgang is pleased with how his little find has turned out after some 10 years?! If the tree reacts well to this work than it will be lifted from this pot and will be gently lowered into its new pot! Hopefully without disturbing the healthy rootball to much! I do hope that the pot and tree will be a good combo because I hope to show it at the next Noelanders together with my Small Hawthorn! They are both Chuhin size! I include some pictures of how the tree was just after I got it home from Austria some 10 years ago and a before and after from the present day! I hope you like how fare this little tree has come?!


Hans van Meer.


woolfie back blog woolfie front blog 12-3-2014 wolfie 038 org 500 12-3-2014 wolfie 056 org 500

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