Hi, everybody,

two weeks ago, after years of surging the internet, I finally found a nice scroll with a Bonsai painted on it! Finding a nice scroll like this is one thing, trying to buy it for a reasonable price is another! We had to stay up until 4 in the morning when the bidding would end and where delighted when we were able to buy it within our budget! This is rare because scrolls with Bonsai on it are highly desired by many internet buyers, so we were extremely lucky to get this on!

It is painted on paper and measures: height 77,6 inch and width 16,8 and the end rollers are made of wood. The painting on the scroll depicts a white Pine Bonsai standing on a white and blue earth were drum. The drum itself is decorated with Prunes and Bamboo, bringing the 3 friends of winter (Pine, Prunes and Bamboo) together. It needs just a little restoration by me, but that will be no problem at all!

The scroll now hangs on the wall in our living room and it really lights up the room now the day’s get shorter and shorter while winter is creeping closer and closer!

scroll 1 Hans van Meer 700

                          Hope you like my new scroll just as much as I do?!


Hans van Meer.



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