O JOY! My Prunus mahaleb in bloom!


Hi, everybody,
I would like to share some pictures that I made of one off my Prunus Mahaleb Yamadori in bloom! These were collected last year and I cant wait to start working on them! All these gnarly old trees clearly suffered from time and several forest firers and the deadwood on them is truly amazing!

30-4-2013 prunus 018 Hans van Meer 500

                               Below: Close up of the deadwood on the trunk.

30-4-2013 prunus 022 Hans van Meer 500

       Below: Close up of the flowers on another one of my Prunus Mahaleb.

30-4-2013 prunus 051 Hans van Meer 400

Below: A close up of the naturally burned deadwood on another of my Prunus.

6-6-2012 picea 016 Hans van Meer 400

                    Below: One of my yew yamadori waiting for it first styling!

30-4-2013 prunus 028 Hans van Meer 500

Hope you enjoyed the pictures?!

Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com


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