Update on my favorite “Hawthorn”.


Hi, everybody,
last week there finally was a long enough break in the cold spell, we had over a month now, to get my Favorite Hawthorn out off its winter shelter and strait into the living room, where I spend two peaceful afternoons of slow wiring it again! With on eye on the TV, where I saw us (The Netherlands)  won 2 colds and a few other medals in the world ice speed skating championships in the man and female competition! cheers The sound of the TV was off though because I needed my ears to listen to some pumping dance beats! After all: a serene atmosphere is important when one works on Bonsai!  Very Happy
Below: This is how it looks after the wiring was done and all branches were placed in their desired position.

9-2-2013 kleine meidoorn 016 Hans van Meer 500

The branches are filling out nicely by now and I really like how it is progressing towards what I had in mind when I started to style this lovely Hawthorn.

Hans van Meer.

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3 thoughts on “Update on my favorite “Hawthorn”.”

  1. Hi Tomaz,
    it is hard to stop me from doing Bonsai! 🙂
    I would have don some more work on other trees if the weather would have been a bit warmer, it is – 2 in my garden at this moment and all trees are stil in their winter shelter!
    Hans van Meer.


  2. Hello Hans,
    That is a beautifully proportioned tree, and you have truly enhanced it’s appearance. It’s nice to know it is in good hands. (You Lucky Man.)


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