Hi, everybody,

as promised here are a few pictures from the deadwood work that I did a few day’s ago. All the deadwood was cleaned and treated with Lime Sulphur to bleach it. The large Jin on the left was refined some more with power and hand tools. I did not want to create to much fine detail work on this Jin because it would drown too much attention to itself and that would distract from the overall view that I am after! As “Wolfie” develops more in the future this Jin can always be refined some more when necessary! Then the freshly created work was worked over with a blowtorch and then brushed with a copper brush and treated with two coatings of Lime Sulfur. It all looks very bright at this moment but that will tone down in the next months, but “Wolfie” is not going anywhere soon, so that is no problem at all. When the dead root on the right side has dried enough it will be treated with wood hardener to preserve it for the future!

                                                 Below: Before work started.

                                                     Below: Halfway through.

                                            Below: Torching the deadwood.

                                      Below: And the finished work (for now).

 I really like how “Wolfie” is progressing. I hope you enjoyed this little story?! Until the next time!


Hans van Meer.




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