Hi, everybody,

I would like to share with you all some pictures of my old Hawthorn in full bloom. The abundance of this year’s flowers game as a big pleasant surprise to me! It had not bloomed like this for many years, so the heavier feeding regime that I started last year has worked like a charm! This healthy and happy image looks so much different from the bare leafless image that it had at this years Noelanders! This changing of images through the seasons is the extra beauty of deciduous Bonsai!  It has been a pure delight for me, to be able to sit in front of it, with a coffee in one hand and a Cognac in the other! While thinking about how this little tree got to this point in time while enjoying it intoxicated perfume!  These little private moments with the trees that I work with are what makes this Art Form so unique and special to me! This little Hawthorn is more than 12 year in the making and it gets better with every year that passes! For those who want to read the story of this tree, right from the moment when I collected it in Wales with Tony in early 1999: HERE!!!

At this moment I am preparing my Literati Hawthorn for next weekends, 6Th edition of the “Bonsai van het Westen” (Bonsai of the West) show, that is staged on the 2 and 3 of June, in the botanical gardens in Delft (The Netherlands)! HERE!!!  This is the most important Bonsai Show in The Netherlands and I am proud that I am invited to judge the trees on display and to show one of my own trees (out of competition). And because my Literati Hawthorn was shown for the last time at the prestigious “Ginkgo Awards”, way back in 2005! I thought it was about time to show it again! Tomorrow I will make some pictures with different displays options that I am thinking of (mostly in the shower! Very Happy ). I will post some of those shots later, so you all can see, how I work! Well…. work, might not be the right word to describe what I do?! Playing might be a better one! Very Happy

I hope you enjoyed the images?!

Hans van Meer.




  1. Hi Hans.

    Beautiful tree, hawthorn are one of my favourate species. What was your feeding regime last year to promote so many flowers. hope you don’t mind me asking.


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