Hi, everybody,

April has been a month full of all kinds of Bonsai fun for me! It started with almost a week of walking through the beautiful mountains and nature of the Slovenian southern Alps! This was truly an uplifting experience for me because of up to 8 months ago, I still believed that I would never be able to do so ever again! My personal mountain was there, waiting for me to clime and I made it to the top! Although not in one go! 🙂

Below: Taking a well-deserved breather along my way to the top.

Below: An example of the stunning views that I enjoyed during these hiking trips.

                            Many of my trees were repotted, rewired or both!

Below: My Ilex verticillata in his new smaller temporary container. Unfortunately, there were too many thick roots and root stumps hidden under the soil, so I could not fit it into it’s new shallow rectangular brown pot! I will have to wait a couple of years more so that new roots can grow from the shortened thick roots. Only then can I safely shorten the thick roots and root stumps so that the tree will fit into its new home! 

On the 10Th of April, I conducted a Masterclass about deciduous European trees, for the Dutch Bonsai Association in ” The Binder” in Leersum (The Netherlands). After conducting a class about Larch and one about white and black Pines, this was already the third Masterclass that I did for them! I like to be well prepared, so I made a short speech on the subject and a lot of drawings to help me to explain my theories! But the major part of this evening Masterclass was spent on discussing the trees that the students brought along! The students and I had a great night and another Masterclass is already in the planning!

      Below: Working late at home, making the drawings for the Masterclass.

On the 15Th of April, I gave a Sunday workshop at Bonsai Club Rijmond. This is my former club so working there is like coming home to me! And it is only a 10 minutes drive away! 🙂

                  Below: Some pics from that nice Bonsai Sunday with friends!

                  I hope you enjoyed these images of a lovely Bonsai month?!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com




    1. Hi Rui,
      thanks for the complement! I enjoy making drawings and they do help me to explain things much better and faster! Yes I luckily do have a large group of Lady Bonsai fanatics among my students!
      Hans van Meer.


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