Rewired my small Hawthorn!

Hi, everybody,
last week I rewired my little Hawthorn and for the last time I placed all the main branches into their desired position. This time it was almost impossible to apply the thicker wire without damaging the sleeping buds and the smaller ramification. And after the work was finished both my hands look like they have been wrestling a angry hedgehog! Next year when there will be even more smaller branches, it will be undo able to get my large hands and thick fingers in there to wire, so every thick branch needed to be in place after this styling! I am really pleased with this little Hawthorn’s progression and I hope that with two more years to work on the finer ramification, it will be just ready to enter it into the 2014 Noelanders Kifu competition! I hope that by than it will live in it’s special Dan Barton pot! I just cant wait to see how this little tree will look in 2014! Even after all these years in Bonsai, the waiting is still difficult!
                                                Below: Top view after wiring.

  Below: After the work was finished. The height of the tree is 33 cm/13,2 inch.

I Hope you like the progression of my little Hawthorn!
Hans van Meer.




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