Hi, everybody,

last week I spend most of my time walking along the coastline not to fare from where I live. It was the warmest week on record with temperatures way above the twenty degrees mark! It was amazing to enjoy the warm sun this late in the year after such a bad bad Summer! Would you believe that I even had a lovely swim in a mirror-like calm sea on the first two days of October! But in between this Indian Summer fun I managed to restyle my Spruce that I brought back from a workshop and demo weekend that I did in August 2008 for the “Norsk Bonsaiselskap”in Norway. Link: A student from Sweden had brought along this yamadori, that he had collected himself, to work on. After the workshop, he swapped the tree with one of the organizers for some pots and other Bonsai related paraphernalia. And  I bought it from them because I liked it and it would be a nice reminder of the great time I had in friendly Norway! But I got there by aeroplane so there was one major question to be answered…would it fit into my trunk?! Well, my friend Rune, where I stayed during that weekend, helped me to pack my little stowaway tree like it was a priceless desk lamp! 🙂

People often ask me why I always bring such a big trunk along? Well, this is why!

      And this is the first picture of the tree unpacked and safe in my garden.

And this is how the tree looks after I restyled it a few days ago. I must look
for a better pot though, I don’t like the colour of this one ! 🙂

I think that this simple little tree already has a nice and pleasing image, but I don’t like where the bottom left branch is growing from. It is disturbing because it grows from the inside of that curve! I will replace it as soon as the branch above it has thickened enough. For now, it is back to growing happily for a few more years and then we will see what happens! Before I know it, it will be time to go and find me a nice pot for it!
This Friday I will travel to Slovenia to do a weekend workshop and demo! I can hardly wait to go and work with all those new Bonsai friends!!! I will post images from that trip as soon as I get back home! So watch this space!
Hans van Meer.



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