Hi, everybody,

last week was a busy one for me, Bonsai wise that is! I repotted a handful of trees, among them, were two of my Shohin that after some ten years had grown out of their small pot. So they moved up a few pot sizes and had a chance of pot style as well. Then last Thursday I gave my second Masterclass in Leersum (The Netherlands). This time the topic was Larch, so that went nicely with all the Larch work that I have done lately! It was a great evening and I was surprised about the quality of the Larches that the students brought along for me to discuss. So that evening went by in a flash, and before I knew it, I found myself back in my car, very tired and with a long drive ahead of me. And then last Sunday I gave a full-day workshop at the Bonsai Club Rijmond (The Netherlands). This is a local club full of Bonsai enthusiasts that I know for more than a decade now, so it always feels like coming home when I work there! We had a great day of Bonsai work and this day also was over in a flash! I was really tired after this week of real Bonsai work, but it was good to get out of the house again to spend some quality time with my Bonsai friends!

I don’t have any pictures (yet), but I will post them when someone will send me some! 🙂

Here is a picture that I made today, while I was shooting my flowering Blackthorns. Summer is near! 🙂

I will post pictures of my repotted trees as soon as I made some decent ones!


Hans van Meer.



2 thoughts on “LAST WEEK WAS A BUSSY ONE!”

    1. Ha die Harry,
      het is goed om te horen dat je de masterclass geslaagd vind! Ik heb er ook erg van genoten! Ik werk graag met met mensen en heb het best wel gemist de laatste jaren, dus deze masterclass was een goede start van hopenlijk nog veel meer van dit soort werk! Ik doe het graag en het is een enorme stimulans voor mij om mijn schouders er onder te zetten en door te gaan!
      Tot ziens en bedankt voor je comment!
      Hans van Meer.


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