Hi, everybody,

well, it took a few days, but yesterday was finally the sunny day that I was waiting for to make some decent pictures of my Larch (XL) in its new pot! So with the help of a few light-reflecting pieces of white hardboard, to illuminate the tree, I managed to make some good enough shots to show to you all! ūüôā

I think he looks great in this Brian Allbright pot! It gives the tree stature and both an elegant and powerful image! This next growing season is spent keeping the new growth under control!¬† Where I need some more branches, I will let the new shoots grow until it has the length that I need. But the number one thing that I am after, is lots and lots of upwards growing thin short branches to fill out the winter silhouette of this majestic tree! This should be the final step towards showing XL at next year’s “Noelanders Trophy”!

I hope that XL is happy in his new home and will grow strong so that I can show and share him with you all for the very first time!

                                   Below: Collecting XL in Austria May 2004.

                                                      Below: February 2006.

                             Below: XL has gone a long way in a short time

Above: The pot is still a bit¬†dirty from the akadama dust, but I was not able to clean the rough texture any better in this spot! And carrying this tree around is not a wise thing to do with that back of mine! ūüôā

Above: Close-up of the area where this tree, in my fantasy, in the past was hit by lightning and lost its old top! From that spot, as in nature, lots of new branches emerged. And the strongest top branch grew out to be the new top! Still looks relatively young, but the texture of the bark on these new branches ages rapidly. Becoming more and more believable every year!

I hope you like the new look of  XL ?! And I will keep you all posted on his progress through this new growing season!

I will post some more repotting stories here tomorrow!


Hans van Meer.




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