*note: This story has been posted earlier on 27-8-2010.


Hi, everybody,
I would like to share these pictures that I made this afternoon during the restyling of my small 37cm/14,1 inch Pinus sylvestris named “P. PINE”, that I found and collected In Austria in May 2002. Well, I found it, is not completely true! My wife actually drew my intention to this tree first! We were just taking a well-deserved rest after a very long climb up one of the many beautiful mountains that surrounded the cabin where we stayed during that week. And while my wife was enjoying the magnificent views, I took the opportunity to get rid of some of the excess water that I had drunk so much of during the long climb up (if you know what I mean?). I had just assumed the wide stand manly position when my wife said “ you might want to stop what you are doing and lift up your left foot” ?! I looked down to discover that my left foot was resting on a very small Pine, which I had totally not noticed, because of the knee-high grass it grew in. So I stopped in the middle, which is not that easy, what I was doing!  Then after a closer look, I collected the tree without any problem and took it home where it has been living in my small garden ever since. So now you know why this little tree is called “P. PINE”!

                                    Below: 21-1-2003 the year after collecting.

Below: Unwanted branches were removed and others were cut back to promote back budding.

Below: Very carefully the tree is wired, and that is hard to do with my big fingers! Smile And then the branches were brought into position.

                  Below: Then the tree was re-potted into a larger training pot.

Below: May 2006. Still in that same bigger training pot.

                                                                   PART II.

Below: Yesterday, the needles from last year were one by one, carefully removed. Unwanted branches were removed and others were shortened again. Now the tree is ready to be wired again.

Below: Close up. I love that dark colour of that weathered and old deadwood!

Below: Here the tree is wired. And now the fun part is about to start, the actual styling!

                       Below: The finished new look of the “P. PINE” for now!

In the near future, “P. PINE” will be planted deeper in a smaller and more suited pot. But that is for later! Until then I have to concentrate on getting some more foliage and better ramification. But even though she is a long way from finished, I am already pretty happy with the mature and tall tree look and feel that she is slowly acquiring! I think she is becoming a very elegant little Bonsai!
I hope you enjoyed this little story of my “P. PINE”?
Hans van Meer.



3 thoughts on “RESTYLING MY SMALL “P. PINE”.”

  1. Hello Hans,

    I admire your work on this pine and others seen on this site. I translate in French your article on two needles pines care. I would like to have your permission to publish it on a small forum, where many bonsai enthusiasts find plenty to greatly improve their own techniques.
    I can give you more information by email

    Best regards


    1. Hi Michel,
      nice to hear you like my work! And you are more than welcome to use my article, that’s what its for! And thanks for taking the time to translate it for others to read! It would be nice if you would alowe me to use your Frans translation on my website so that even more Frans speaking bonsai enthusiasts can benefit from it! I will contact you trough your email!
      Hans van Meer.


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