Hi, everybody,

don’t worry, I am still among the living! 🙂 This is why it has been a while since I posted anything on my blog.

A few weeks after I posted about the death of two of my most precious Pines, all bonsai artists blog’s that were in the care of the AoB forum disappeared completely! I and others tried for weeks on end to get an explanation from them about what was wrong, through all the possible channels. But just until last week there was a small mail telling me that there had been problems with the data whatchamacallit and that all was in working order again! Well as you and I can see, it isn’t alright at all! All pictures are disappeared from all the blogs! I have tried to get any info about where they are and if they can be salvaged and placed back. But Just like before, there is no answer whatsoever to any of my questions! SIGH!! It is not even possible to post any pictures anymore!

Even if I could find all these missing pictures back among the thousands that I have, going through them all again and then replacing them all here would cost me months! And I am pretty sure that all the drawings and virtuals I made over the years are gone for sure! So I guess that this is the end of my blog. Losing all this info from all my work over the last years that I shared with you all is another crushing blow to me. And it wasn’t a very good year, to begin with! In the last weeks, I have been posting some stuff that I have been doing on the IBC forum. But the amount of work that I have done over this past year has been very little. After my second back operation, it took a while to recover, but there was slight progress in the right direction. Until 4 weeks ago when I tried to swim in the sea, that was calling for so long during those warm days! The next day the pains came back revengeful and it has gone from bad to worse from then! So, I am really disappointed and down at this moment, because the new plans I was starting to make again are out of the window again! But I will keep on doing what I love to do the most, so you will hear soon from me some were, somehow!

Stay safe and thanks for your support and interest in my work for all these years!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com


4 thoughts on “HI EVERYBODY!!!”

  1. Hi Hans,

    Hope the back is getting better.

    You could also consider: wordpress.com

    this is the blog making site I use for my stuff and it is totally free. It also has well over 100 templates you can use. Take care, Dan


  2. Hi Hans,
    I am the president of a bonsai Club here in Ontario, Canada. In my search for good information on pines, I came across your website and your excellent write up in the subject. I have taken the liberty to fix the spelling and the grammar and reformatted the article in .pdf. Before I publish it for our Club I want to ask for your permission to do so – but I can’t find your email address. If you could reply to my comment please at the above address, I would very much appreciate it. I will promptly send you the .pdf for your review.
    Thanks so much – and keep up the good work!


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