A flush of yellow.

Hi, everybody,

yesterday, while stretching my legs a little in my garden, I was immediately drawn to the almost glowing image in the back garden. It was the yellow foliage on mine Larch (The Elephant) that was really lit up by the last week winter sun rays, just before it would completely disappear behind my house. So I quickly cleaned the area around the pot and made this handheld pictures. And just in time too! Because of only half an hour of typical Dutch stormy weather later, most of these last memories of the warm Autumn sun ended up on the wet floor. Winter is here! And soon the image of this old Survivor will be lit up again when the fading Sun light hits the freshly fallen snow that covers its branches!

20-11-2009 004 Hans van Meer blog

Wow…… those painkillers make me all poetic! 🙂


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com



5 thoughts on “A flush of yellow.”

  1. Hans,

    Sorry to hear about your back-pains – hope you’ll recover very soon.

    Just wanted to comment that I find this old larch very appealing and harmoniuos. It has a great future. Looking forward seeing your choice of pot.

    Regards from Ken (Denmark)


  2. Hi Hans,
    We’ve never met but this is just to tell you that I had a terrible back pain which made me unable to walk so I finally went for the surgery (L4-L5 disk replacement for titanio screws basically).
    Now I have no issue on moving my bigger bonsais on huge training pots, take my 25 kg kid on my shoulders or going to the mountain for big yamadories.
    … just to give you a bit of hope, I can guess for what you are going trough.
    Kind regards and thanks for your blog


  3. It took me one year to be able to move heavy stuff, the recovery process was very slow and particularly the first 3 months.
    Just for your information, my first comment probably sounds too positive.


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