Hi, everybody,

I wright this with a sad heart. Because tomorrow the next, by now legendary residential “BURRS” Bonsai weekend will start and I wound be there this time! My recovery after my back operation will take a lot longer than the 3 weeks I had hoped for! So about a week ago I had to tell my dear friend Tony Tickle, who organises this unique happening every year, that I would not be able to come and work with my, by now, dear Bonsai friends! Tony, being the good friend he is,  was more worried about my health and understood completely that it would be irresponsible for me to try to come in this state! So they have to do with out me this time, but I do know that all my friends are more than OK in the talented hands of Enrico Savini, Ivo Saporiti, Terry Foster and of course Tony Tickle him self. So that is no problem at all! But it those means that these poor teachers have to run and work twice as hard now! 🙂 If this weekend, these around 30 guy’s will have half the fun we had last year, they will have a truly wonderful and unique Bonsai experience!   2 day’s and one long night of friendship and working on small trees, with people from all the corners of Europe, all brought together because of their love for Bonsai and strong liquor.. it is a shame I have to miss it! SIGH!

turkey cats 1 hans van meer

Have fun guy’s and behave! And please…not too much loud power tools!!!! 🙂


Hans van Meer.



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