Hi, everybody,

for the last couple of days, I have been going through all my old Bonsai related pictures on paper, to look for ones I can use to accompany the new Bonsai stories I am planning to write and post on my website soon.  I would like to share with you some of this pictures I found because they hold precious memories of my beginning days in Bonsai.

IMG_0018 Juniperus regida 1994 Hans van Meer

Above: Juniperus regida. This small tree was one of my first attempts to style an imported tree from Japan. This picture is shot in 1994, during my monthly meeting at my first Bonsai club “Koya” in Bleiswijk Holland. Later that same year this tree was entered in the annual Bonsai show of the N.B.V (Dutch Bonsai Association). That was my first entry in an important show. Sadly this wonderful tree died in 1997.

                        IMG_0050 Juniperus regida 1994 Hans van Meer

Above: Picture of a other Juniperus regida, it was shot in 1998 in my garden. This is another early styling of an imported tree from Japan. 

                        IMG_0074 Pinus parviflora Edo bonsai Jan 1997 Hans van Meer

Above: Pinus parviflora from Japan that I styled in 1997. During that year 1997, my friend Ed de Groot, owner of EDO BONSAI CENTRE that in those day’s was still located in Boskoop Holland, invited me to work on some of his trees. He gave me complete freedom to choose anyone I liked to style, in the way I saw fit! That was a great opportunity for me because good material was pretty rare and expensive in those day’s, so to work on material of this calibre was a unique chance to practice my styling skills. I even took some of his best trees home and to my own place of work to style! I enjoyed working on his trees a lot and Ed wasn’t complaining either, those trees sold pretty quick and for a lot more money! Ed now still runs his EDO BONSAI business in Holland and in Indonesia, where he now lives. Thanks, Ed, for your trust in me!!

IMG_0043 Celtis chinensis Jan 2001 Hans van meer

Above: Picture from January 2001. Celtis sinensis from China, that I named “THE LION CRUSHER”. Even today, when I look around my garden, I still miss the real tree like images of this wonderful tree. This tree was back then, and would still be today, a rare side to see in my part of the world. That’s why I was so glad and proud to show it in a really great condition in the prestigious “GINKGO AWARDS” show. Yes I was really lucky to share its beauty for those few years it stayed in my too cold garden, but then I had to let it go to live happier in a warmer part of Europe. It ended up in Paris France, where I hope it still shines its awesome tree-like stature on every one that has the luck to looks at it!

Hope you enjoyed these old pictures as much as I did when I rediscovered them!


Hans van Meer.




  1. Hoi Hans,

    Leuk die oude foto’s. Ik hoop dat je binnenkort een keer langs komt in het oosten van het land, en in mijn tuin takken komt kijken, en misschien met een biertje een stukje vlees komt bakken!




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