Hi, everybody,

going through my old pictures, in preparation for the story of this Uncinata that I am currently writing for my website, I luckily came across these early pictures that I would like to show to you all.

Pius 11-01_0001 hans van meer

Above: The first picture is shot in my garden, just after we came back from our trip to Switzerland where we had bought this old Pine from a well know Bonsai artist/seller.

Pius 05-02_0002 Hans van Meer. virtual

Above: After a few months of waiting in vain for any growth and finding out that because of the terrible soil that was used, it was impossible to normally water the tree, I knew I had to act. So I started to carefully remove the top layer of the quicksand-like soil by hand, to check if there were any root problems. My worse nightmare came trough when I could not find any roots in the top layer. Or in the middle and not even at the bottom! All roots were simply sawed and cut off by the …… that collected it! The only thing that he had left on, was a soft to the touch and soaking wet sponge like tap root (yellow arrow), with one small root growing from it (green arrow). No wonder the tree was not growing!

Pius 05-02_0001 Hans van Meer

Above: Here you can clearly see the empty space with no roots under need this beautiful old Pine. It is a wonder that it has survived this ordeal and is doing so well today! The life force is very strong in this old wonder of nature!

30-8-2009 verpot dag 195 Hans van Meer

Above: I am so glad it is still alive today and that we are still able to enjoy the beauty of this at least 500+ years old tree! It is a real privilege and an honour to be able to work with this old survivor!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com



  1. Besides the will to live, to what do you attribute this tree surviving such a brutal root removal and developing into such an awesome specimen?


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