Hi, everybody,

well, as good a day as yesterday was, today was a #*x# day! I spent most of this sunny day selecting, working and resizing the best pics for yesterdays repotting story! This night I had planned to post some here on my blog, but as always, something went wrong again. My adobe photoshop program had filed all the pictures, some 83 I had worked on, as empty files. This has never happened before and I have no idea why it did it now??? But luckily I was able to recover 15 or so of them through the “resend worked on” option in my photoshop, but all the others I had worked on are lost! If I am op to it, I will start working again on them tomorrow.  For now, I have seen more than enough of my PC, I am off to bed. So, SORRY! But you guy’s will have to wait a day longer, but here are 2 pics that I managed to save! 


Here is a close up picture of the soil mixture I used in more or less equal parts. I used it well sifted into 3 different sizes. A layer of pretty large sized particles on the bottom of the pot, then a thicker layer with large sized particles and than the rest of the pot is filed up with the biggest layer of medium-sized particles. With this soil mixture, you can water every day if necessary!

       az 3

Halfway through cleaning out the old mountain soil that is left in the rootball. On the right front side of the rootball you can just make out the thick problem root that I have bent with the help of wire. All the pictures I prepared of this process are lost, but I will post them as soon as I finished working on them.

So I hope 2 C U all later with more!


Hans van Meer.



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