Hi, everybody,

Might I have accidentally stumbled on an interesting technique here? Look at the next pictures I made of my Mugo Pine “Big Ron” and you will see what I mean!


3-6-2009-059-hans-van-meer1     3-6-2009-085-hans-van-meer


See what I mean?!

Just before this Bonsai was entered into the “Ginkgo Awards 2007”,  that was staged in early September, I pulled off the too long needles of the new growth/candles, that were sticking out too much. Leaving only a few needles on the now almost needleless candles. Now, I do, know that with more or less this same technique, the same result can be obtained on a Pinus Sylvestris. They will react to pulling off needles of new candles, just like they would do, when a deer nibbles off the fresh young needles, in early Summer. They will burst out in a multitude of new clustered buds. These new buds will later open up with much smaller needles than otherwise would be normal! But, that a Mugo Pine would react this strongly when its needles are pulled off as late as September, is news to me! So this is “Serendipity”, stumbling onto something good, by accident! 🙂

I will keep you informed about the future of all those buds. Because with some more testing, it could become an interesting and useful Mugo Pine techniques in my opinion.


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com


3 thoughts on “A MUGO “SERENDIPITY”.”

  1. hi hans !
    that’s a normal reaction to this situation with needles but it is not good.why?coz you will get in one spot many new buds which look very bad, you should remove all of them and leave only two or maybe three.the tree maintained like that will have superb ramification and very nice shape. moreover if you leave more than two or three buds in the same place you will get a big ball at this place in the future. The way you are maintaining pines is incorrect ( fast to make density but ugly in the future ). keep in touch, mario


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