THE NOELANDERS TROPHY X, 17 & 18 January 2009.

 Noelanders Trophy X,  17 & 18 January 2009.


Hi, everybody,

just one more week to go to the next  “NOELANDERS TROPHY”. And because this will be already the tenth edition of this successful Bonsai event, there will be a special anniversary commemorative book, featuring all the many Bonsai of the show! So I am happy to be selected to enter the show with my Mugo “BIG RON” and my Chamaecyparis nana. And I am even more happy that my student Ed van der Reek has also made it into the final show with his Juniperus itoigawa!

During the show, more than twenty bonsai commercial stands will provide you with every item for our hobby. Several demonstrations will be given during the weekend by the top demonstrators Salvatore Liporace, Kevin Willson and Dana Quattlebaum. As well as my good friend Ivo Saporiti from Italy (European young talent 2008).

I just hope that the weather will get a bit less cold in the next couple of days, so I can do the necessary touch-ups on the trees before the show!

I am looking forward to seeing my Bonsai friend Rune Kyrdalen from Norway again, who is a guest in my house for some 2 days before we drive to the show together and meet up with the other Bonsai lovers and have some beer or 2. 

This is such a friendly event, with very high-quality Bonsai from all over Europe! So if you can find the time to come to Heusden-Zolden in Belgium, you really should go! We all be there for sure!

I will post many pictures of the trees in the show and the rest of the event, right after I get home from the show, so do come back!

Hans van Meer.



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