Hi, everybody,

Very early in the morning, my friendly giant host Jason loading up the Pick up with some nice local yamadori material! Then it is off for the 1-hour drive to the state of Washington for my workshop at the workshop in the Tsugawas nursery in Woodland.

           Below: One of the many beautiful views at the Tsugawas Nursery!

Here I am posing along with the “Hemlock” that Tony discovered between the abundance of material here at the “Tsugawas” nursery. Tony and I searched hard and then found a lovely little tree hiding some were in all those branches.



                 Below: Tony and I posing happily with the result of his work! 

                     Below: Ed Imholte working hard on his Ponderosa Pine.

                                                    Below: Beautiful Baby KOI.

                                      Joyce’s Ponderosa Pine before and after.                                                            


       Below: My host for the weekend Jason did good on his Pine, so I rewarded                                                        him in the proper way! 🙂

                I had an unforgettable great time at the TSUGAWAS nursery!

Tsugawas Nursery


Hans van Meer.












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