Boy am I exited, in less than 24 hours I will take off for my first Bonsai trip in the U.S.A.! First I will fly to Portland Oregon to finally meet up with my friend Jason!  He is the initiative taker and organizer of this tour and without whom none of this all would be happening! On May 3th, I will be doing a workshop there and on the other days I will be working with the help of Jason on some of the best material I have ever seen at Randy Knight’s place “OREGON BONSAI”! Jason will also take me up in the mountains (if the weather allows it) to enjoy the wonderful nature of this area.  I will be a guest at  Jason’s family  place until the May 6th. Then I will make the long flight to San Antonio Texas, to meet up with my Internet MOM, Irene B. I will be a guest at her place until May 9th. I will do a workshop there on  May 7th and the next day Irene and her Hubby will take me up to  “LOST MAPLES” and “GARNER STATE PARK” to enjoy  some of the  most beautiful places in Texas!  On the 9th of May,  I will fly up to Baltimore Maryland,  to meet  Up with my friend Tom from “SHADY SIDE BONSAI”. I will do 2 workshops there and I might do an evening demo during the BBQ (if there is enough beer of course). Tom will show me some nice aria’s of his state on the days left and I might even ride on one of his horses (poor horse!). I will be flying back home again on the 13th of may. During my stay in the U.S. I will be taking tons of pictures, that, together with  some short story’s I will try to post here on my blog on a daily basis.  So If you are interested  in my U.S. Bonsai adventurers, check out  this blog in the coming 2 weeks! I am so looking forward to meet up and work with my new overseas friends!!!

See you all soon,

Hans van Meer.



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