Hi, everybody,

 Here is a close up of the natural deadwood on my Dutch Yamadori Hawthorn that I shot on 20 Juli. Dutch Hawthorn Yamadori Bonsai are rare and even rarer are Dutch Hawthorn Bonsai with natural deadwood! Our circumstances are just not suitable for creating deadwood! This is probably one of the few ones with deadwood that is collected below sea level…making it even more unique! 😉

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Hi, everybody,

we are going through a period of cold weather here, and as usual, I am too late preparing the winter shelter for my trees. So this afternoon, in freezing gold weather, I had to do some last work on it. BBRRRRR! When I was bringing my last trees into the winter shelter, I noticed how beautiful the winter colours on my “Ulmus” looked. So I made a quick photo set up in the fading pale winter sun light and with the shivers, I shoot the picture below. This is one of my earliest bonsai and one of my favourites. Because of the millions of “Ulmus” malsai that have been sold in Europe over the last 20 years, they got stigmatized as inferior bonsai material. In my opinion that could not be further from the truth! I think that “Ulmus parvifolia” are wonderful to work with and very affordable, available and forgiving ( this one is frozen solid for 3 days now). And I think they look pretty amazing in these bright winter colours! I hope you like the Picture?


Hans van Meer.


                                              A “ULMUS” WINTER CREATING.

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