Hi, everybody,

I would like to share some pictures of my rewired Ilex verticillata with you all.
Below: This is how this urban yamadori looked when I bought it in September 2009.

              Below: The end of January 2010. The tree before it’s first styling.

Below: And this picture is made three day’s ago before the wiring work started. I think that this image is already pretty good, considering that it only has been worked on for two years. I like this wild look, it works well with the gnarly image of the trunks! But there needs to be more subtle order in that chaos of branches. And there need to be more open spaces to create an image of a more distant tree.

Below: The day temperatures have dropped fast the last couple off days. So before I started to wire, I took advantage of this still warm Autumn sun and made a long walk along the beach close to where I live. Like I do almost every day! I get really calm when I walk alone along the breaking waves on my favourite beach. So when I got back home after two hours walking along an almost deserted beach, I was in just the right mindset to wire my Ilex! 🙂

Below: Left side view of the finished tree. I posted this on to show the distance between the three frond trunks and (see above) the middle and right side trunk in the back. They create a lot of depth that is lost in pictures!

                         Below: The end result after an afternoon of wiring.

I am pretty happy with the image of this pre-Bonsai. A few more years and than it is “hunting for a good pot” time again!
I hope you enjoyed this little story?!
Hans van Meer.






    1. Thanks Simon, I am glad to hear that you like my work! And I will keep posting my work and adventures on to my blog 🙂 !
      Happy Christmas!
      Hans van Meer.


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